Business and Personal Coaching

I offer life coaching services where  we will work on setting and achieving personal goals and overcoming any life blockers that you may have. I will work to empower, motivate, and help you reach your true potential. Our work together will include defining the life challenges, setting personal goals, and overcoming the life blockers that are causing you to be stagnant.

The coaching relationship is meant to be a tool that will provide you happiness in your life, work, and relationships. Each coaching session is customized to your specific needs, which results in us working together to establish the goals necessary to make you feel happier and fulfilled.

Life coaching services that I offer:

For Individuals

  • work life balance
  • Life transition coaching
  • Career coaching/career growth
  • Management/Leadership coaching
  • Unemployment coaching
  • Executive coaching

Corporate clients

  • Improving Employee Performance
  • Improving Corporate Communication
  • Internal corporate Conflict resolution
  • Employee Stress management
  • Building up successful MFT business as an intern